Benefits of Website Testing

Outsourced Testing Has Many Benefits

External or outsourced website testing offers many benefits and can be used either to supplement your own testing or to replace it altogether.

Website testing encompasses many different aspects and is often a time consuming exercise for designers, developers, project managers, agencies and site owners to carry out.

The ultimate aim of any website testing is to identify important and frequent bugs that frustrate your site visitors and create a negative perception of your website and company.

External website testing provides the following clear benefits:

  1. Overcomes blindness to issues when a developer or project manager has been looking at the same site in development for weeks.
  2. Allows the developer or project manager to press on with other important tasks without getting bogged down in testing.
  3. Provides an additional level of testing, either in areas not previously tested or allowing testing to be completed in greater detail.
  4. Focused testing without distractions or other tasks getting in the way.
  5. Comprehensive testing will be completed no matter how busy your internal team.
  6. Fits in with your workflow – whether you use a project management system, bug tracking system or other method of reporting and assigning bugs to be fixed.
  7. Alleviates pressure on your team.
  8. Allows peace of mind that all checks have been carried out and documented.
  9. Ensures a higher quality website overall, which will generate better results for you and/or your client.
  10. Need not be expensive – a mini website audit for example starts at just £350 + VAT.