Ongoing Testing

Our Ongoing Testing Services

Testing isn’t a one-off exercise and many of our customers have a need for ongoing testing services.

For example, our Digital Agency clients ask us to test all their projects before they hand them over to their clients. Our SaaS clients ask us to test each new feature, sprint or release. And in-house development teams may also be rolling out new features and frequent updates that need testing.

We are equally at home testing several WordPress builds each month or testing new features and updates as part of a development team, where the workload is organised into sprints or specific releases.

Testing Types

To support these requirements we provide the following ongoing testing services:

Functionality Testing to find errors and issues before you launch

Testing On Demand

There are no contracts, no minimums or maximums, book testing as and when you need it.

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Browser Testing covering all major web browsers

Retained testing

Longer term arrangements packaged with additional benefits of discounted rates, preferential scheduling and preferred testers.

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Embed our testers into your team

Our testers can attend standups and regular team meetings or sprint ceremonies. They can be active members of the overall project team providing regular updates, taking part in discussions and putting together documentation.

Testing Manager

All of our testing is underpinned by Testing Manager, our in-house bug tracker and management app. Testing Manager can sync with your system and enables us to work efficiently whilst also keeping your system up to date with all the bugs raised and the latest statuses.