Usability Testing

Uncovering functionality that frustrates users

Users are the lifeblood of any website and if they have a positive experience then they are more likely to engage with your business, whether that is make a purchase, enquire, sign up, return, share or refer your business to their friends.

Those things happen much less if the user experience is poor, if there are areas of the site that frustrate or make tasks harder than they need to be or information difficult to find.

We test the usability of the website and the overall user experience to uncover these issues, reporting back to you on items that are frustrating to use or inconsistencies that make finding your way around more difficult.

User Experience Testing

Some of the areas that we focus on when testing the website’s user experience are:

  1. Finding problems that frustrate your website visitors and send them to the exit.
  2. Discovering areas that may reduce conversion rates and affect repeat visits.
  3. Highlighting inconsistency of layout, styles and fonts that could be making your site more difficult to use.
  4. Encompassing testing with real users.

Usability testing process

The usability testing service follows our standard testing process.

  1. We review the specification, wireframes and designs.
  2. We create a test plan listing all the functionality and elements to be tested.
  3. We carry out the testing and record any issues found in our bug tracking software.
  4. All issues recorded include a description, URL, screenshot and priority.
  5. We provide a report detailing what has been tested and a breakdown of the issues found.
  6. Access to everything including the report and the issues found is through our client area.
  7. We can retest all the bugs fixed plus carry out a full regression test to make sure nothing has been broken.

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