Accessibility Testing

Accessibility & Web Standards

Your website’s accessibility is extremely important to make sure that those users that have visual impairments or motor difficulties, for example, can still access and use your site.

We test to ensure that the website complies with accessibility best practice guidelines plus we carry out tests of the website with styles, JavaScript and images turned off.

Some of the accessibility tests we carry out

  1. Test increasing the font size actually increases the font size of all text and doesn’t break the layout.
  2. Activate high contrast and check that all text responds to colour changes.
  3. Using the keyboard, ensure you can tab through the navigation to the content.
  4. Using the keyboard, ensure you can tab through any form fields in a relevant order.
  5. Check that each form field has an appropriate label and relevant title attribute.
  6. Navigate through the site using only the keyboard.
  7. Carry out a site-wide validation of all HTML and CSS.

Accessibility testing process

The accessibility testing service follows our standard testing process.

  1. We review the specification, wireframes and designs.
  2. We create a test plan listing all the functionality and elements to be tested.
  3. We carry out the testing and record any issues found in our bug tracking software.
  4. All issues recorded include a description, URL, screenshot and priority.
  5. We provide a report detailing what has been tested and a breakdown of the issues found.
  6. Access to everything including the report and the issues found is through our client area.
  7. We can retest all the bugs fixed plus carry out a full regression test to make sure nothing has been broken.

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