Testing Types

We cover the following testing types

The majority of testing projects, both for sites in development before launch and websites being audited after launch, will utilise multiple testing types.

For example, testing will often include functionality testing, browser compatibility testing and mobile testing at the minimum, with usability testing, accessibility testing and SEO testing being optional items.

Test planning is also optional and generally reserved for larger scale projects where specific test requirements need to be met and a more structured approach for conducting the testing and reporting results is needed.

Functionality Testing to find errors and issues before you launch

Functionality Testing

Testing to find broken functionality and website problems before you launch.

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Browser Testing covering all major web browsers

Browser Testing

Testing browser compatibility across IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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Mobile Testing across all major mobile devices

Mobile Testing

Testing across all major mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

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Usability Testing to find problems that frustrate your visitors

Usability Testing

We find problems that frustrate, confuse or bewilder your website visitors.

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Accessibility Testing to make sure your website is accessible

Accessibility Testing

We test to make sure your website is accessible to all users and complies with accessibility standards.

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SEO Testing to check your website is search engine friendly

SEO Testing

Testing of on page and off page SEO items that can make or break your site on search engines.

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Preparation of a bespoke test plan

Test Planning

Preparation of a detailed test plan to ensure your test requirements are met and can be effectively reported.

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Regression Testing

Separate test cycle to make sure the whole website or app continues to work correctly and there are no new issues.

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