Retained Testing Services

Retained Testing Plans

Our retained testing service is a flexible approach to providing testing resources across a range of aspects. Typically, we would cover the following main points, although our service can be tailored to suit your business and does not need to be limited to this list:

We can accommodate a wide variety of requests, from test planning and test management, to executing testing against specifications, designs/wireframes, user stories, feature tickets and then verifying bug fixes and carrying out regression testing ahead of a release.

When we carry out the testing is also flexible depending on your development process, release cycles and other aspects. It could be a set period every week or there is scope for a more variable arrangement depending on what is required.

Our aim with all our retained testing customers is always to get up to speed with your business as quickly as possible, both in terms of what you do but also your internal processes, tools and team members plus your specific projects and any third party providers you may have in place.

Helping you to achieve the highest quality for the websites and applications you produce, our retained testing plans offer an increased level of service to find more bugs and issues across your websites, keeping you in the loop as to what testing is required and following up on fixes and further recommendations.

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