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Web Application Testing

A web application is often no small undertaking, whether it is replacing an existing system or a brand new application. There's a huge amount to consider - what are the use cases that need to be considered, how is the application going to work, what will the UI be like, what technologies are needed, etc.

Aspects that are often left until later in the project is how will the web application be tested and who will do that testing? That's where we come in.

Every web app is unique and testing web applications tends to be more complex than normal web or ecommerce sites as they consist of individual use cases and bespoke functionality. Whilst web applications may be based on tried and tested frameworks and other technologies, they are built from the ground up, there is nothing else like them.

This widens the potential for bugs and areas that need thorough testing. We learn about the business, the requirements for the web application, who is expected to use the application and what they will use it for. This learning is used to start to gain an understanding of the application itself and to inform how we should approach the testing.

From preparing test scripts through to conducting each test cycle, retesting bug fixes and regression testing, WebDepend is your ideal test partner for testing web applications.

We can integrate with your existing project team and provide the quality assurance function for your web application project team.

Web Application Testing Experience

We have a large amount of experience testing complex web applications, often critical applications for the successful running of a business or platform.

By their nature, web applications are usually completely bespoke apps built for a specific purpose, whether it is an application to manage a critical business function, a food & drink ordering service or a lead capture platform. Each web application has individual test requirements and usually requires an increased level of test planning and preparation, more in depth testing with dedicated QA personnel and often results in a longer engagement.

Our notable experience from testing web applications includes the projects below:

A business critical web application for David Lloyd Leisure, a booking platform to manage bookings across tennis courts and badminton courts include fitness courses across David Lloyd's fitness clubs. This complex system involved detailed, methodical testing to run through 4 different interfaces for different user types and a large number of user journeys with many potential permutations. We were involved from start to finish, from preparing test scripts through to the final regression cycle ahead of the launch of the project.

A health treatment and management platform for a US-based company. We started testing this web application in 2021, which also includes a mobile app and an ongoing programme of new features and releases.

A lead capture platform for Integrate, called Integrate Mobile Connect. We were involved in this project from its very beginning in 2020 through to its launch in October 2023. Our testing covered the entire platform including the web application, mobile app and API. We also managed the release process of working with the development teams and product managers to release the new product alongside Integrate's other product offerings.

An employee scheduling system for a FTSE 250 company in the hospitality sector. We were involved in testing this complex web application from the beginning, working with the developers during development sprints before moving into the QA phase and then onto Pilot before subsequent releases to add new features and updates before rollout of the full project.

Testing Types

We incorporate the following testing types into our web application testing.

Functionality Testing to find errors and issues before you launch

Functionality Testing

Finding broken functionality, errors and ecommerce issues before you launch.

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Browser Testing covering all major web browsers

Browser Testing

Browser testing covering all major web browsers.

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Mobile Testing across all major mobile devices

Mobile Testing

Testing across all major mobile devices including iOS and Android.

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Usability Testing to find problems that frustrate your visitors

Usability Testing

We find problems that frustrate your ecommerce site visitors.

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Browser Testing covering all major web browsers

Test Planning

Preparation of a test plan and test cases to execute against a build.

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Functionality Testing to find errors and issues before you launch

Regression Testing

Executing the regression tests to ensure no new issues have been introduced.

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