Website Auditing Services

Comprehensive Website Audits

Full & mini audits to assess and improve your website

Comprehensive evaluation

Every audit we conduct uncovers a wide range of issues that are negatively impacting on our clients websites.

Detailed website analysis

Our audits cover functionality, browser & mobile compatibility and user experience providing actionable insights across each area.

Clear reporting

Each audit is complete with a summary report plus detailed bug descriptions of each issue found. Access to Testing Manager, our client portal, as standard.

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Finding Website Issues

Websites get messy, they grow over time, have new sections added, new features are bolted on and it all becomes a sprawling series of interlinked pages with diminished clarity and a lack of purpose.

On top of all that there are niggly things, that could point to bigger problems but where do you start to unravel all this and make sense of what should be done to fix it?

The answer is to schedule a website audit.

A website audit is an effective method of comprehensively testing an entire website, going through everything with a fine tooth comb, covering all the major browsers and mobile devices plus getting to the bottom of all those elusive problems.

What is provided back to you are actionable insights to enable you to not only fix urgent issues immediately but also inform your next series of updates to your website.

Why do I need a website audit?

  • Your website is suffering from poor sales or low enquiry levels
  • Your users are complaining about your website
  • You feel your website has problems but cannot get to the bottom of them
  • You would like your website assessed from an independent viewpoint

Our website audits shed light on problems and provide meaningful insight in order to make the necessary improvements.

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Our Website Audits

Content Managed Sites testing such as Umbraco or Wordpress

Full CMS Audit

A thorough assessment of a content managed website covering all pages and finding issues that may be harming your reputation and lowering the number of enquiries.

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Ecommerce Site testing from Magento to Prestashop

Full Ecommerce Audit

Detailed testing across your online shop to find the issues that are preventing people from completing a purchase or putting them off so they don’t want to buy from you.

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Mini CMS Audit

A cut down version of the full CMS audit but still covering the central aspects if you are on a tight budget.

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Mini Ecommerce Audit

Focusing on the core product, basket and checkout functions to find issues with the ability to purchase from your ecommerce site.

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Optional Addons

Accessibility Review

Reviewing the main accessibility aspects and checking that the website complies with accessibility best practice guidelines.

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SEO Review

Identifying any specific areas where your search engine optimisation is lacking or needs attention.

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Performance Review

A series of performance tests for the main pages to ensure that page load times are acceptable. Identifying items that could improve website performance.

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Web Standards Review

Review of entire site to check the site complies with web standards (HTML & CSS).

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Retest & Verify

A second round of testing to retest and verify any fixed bugs raised in the original audit.

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Comprehensive audit

Comprehensive audit of your website covering the areas described above.


Report document containing full breakdown of what has been covered in the audit and recommended actions.

Bug reports

All bugs and issues found entered into our bug tracking system complete with screenshots, URLs, priority and steps to reproduce.

Access to Testing Manager

Reports delivered through our Testing Manager client portal.

Schedule an audit

Complete our enquiry form and we can schedule an audit of your website straightaway.