Ashfords Case Study


About Ashfords

Ashfords LLP is a UK law firm employing over 500 people with offices in Exeter, Bristol, Plymouth and London. They are a national provider of legal, professional and regulatory services and work with many different kinds of clients – business owners, public sector, large corporates, private individuals and not for profit organisations.

Ashfords Case Study

Project Details

Initial Challenges

Ashfords, one of our valued clients, faced a pressing challenge. They needed to ensure the successful launch of their online dispute resolution system. The web application, built by a third party, had to be thoroughly tested to find any bugs and cover complex functionality. It required an experienced hand to validate its readiness for launch and ensure an optimal user experience, in a very short timescale.

Our Expert Solution

The primary focus was on functionality and browser compatibility tests, with an emphasis on the user experience and the ease of the dispute resolution process.

Our testing methods were comprehensive, covering all major browser versions and the main user journeys. We ensured that the end to end journey for each user type was tested in detail and all potential user paths were examined for any possible issues.

Successful Outcome and Client Satisfaction

Our rigorous testing process gave Ashfords the confidence they needed for a successful launch. They could rest assured knowing that their system had been thoroughly tested by industry professionals and was ready to go.

The outcome of our testing process highlighted the value of our QA services and our commitment to the project left Ashford impressed with our work and the results we achieved.

"The WebDepend team did a great job of testing (and re-testing) a new online platform we are developing. They provided clear feedback for our website development agency to be able to correct any errors with ease. We can now feel confident that our online system is ready for market."

Clare Angell

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