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CPA Global provides intellectual property, trademark, patent, and legal support services and is now part of Clarivate.

CPA Global Case Study

Project Details


CPA Global, which has now merged with Clarivate, stands as one of the world's foremost intellectual property firms. They enlisted our services to conduct an exhaustive audit of their website. This included a thorough functional review, as well as covering compatibility with major web browsers and mobile devices and an accessibility assessment.

The Challenge

The CPA Global website was an extensive platform, providing substantial data about the company's diverse products and services. It featured various sections such as product details, services, blog posts, press announcements, events, and career opportunities, along with a comprehensive search function. This large site required thorough exploration and analysis to identify potential issues to bring to CPA Global's attention.

Our Approach

Over a span of 5 days, we carried out a comprehensive review of the CPA Global website, examining the entire site. Our audit entailed testing on seven distinct browser versions for both Windows and macOS operating systems. We also evaluated the site's across five different mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Furthermore, our extensive audit included a site-wide review of accessibility and web standards, as well as SEO and performance assessments.

The Outcome

In the course of the audit, we identified more than 100 issues, and supplemented this with an extensive report addressing other factors such as accessibility, SEO, performance, and web standards. These concerns were logged into our bug tracking system. The team at CPA Global had the ability to access and evaluate each issue, subsequently determining the appropriate solution.


In conclusion, the comprehensive audit conducted for CPA Global was a significant undertaking due to the size of the website and the range of products and services offered by the business. The audit, which spanned over a period of 5 days, involved rigorous testing across multiple browser versions and mobile devices, as well as a thorough review of the site's accessibility, SEO, performance, and web standards. The outcome was the identification of over 100 issues, which were systematically documented and made accessible to the CPA Global team for resolution. This case study underscores the importance of meticulous website audits in ensuring optimal user experience, accessibility, and overall website performance.

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