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Direct Wines Ltd is an International independent wine merchant with a current turnover of £350m and has operations in the UK, USA and Australia.

Direct Wines

Project Details

Testing Carried Out

A series of website audits were carried out across each of the main worldwide sites, with any issues found categorised in terms of functionality, browser, mobile or user experience problems. In each subsequent audit, we were able to report on whether website quality was improving overall plus which areas and markets needed the most attention.

Test Results

The regular audits helped to establish improved website quality across all 3 worldwide markets, culminating in an award for Online Retailer of the Year 2015 by International Wine Challenge alongside Merchant of the Year 2015.

"WebDepend provided an excellent objective view of our websites and gave insight into the customer experience our internal teams sometimes miss. We certainly recommend WebDepend to any small or large online retailer."

Gareth Hart

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