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Initials are an independent, full customer experience agency, based in London. Initials expertise spans brand, content, commerce and technology. Customers include Philips, Walkers and Cadbury.

Initials - Philips Case Study

Project Details


Philips, a leading brand in the consumer electronics industry, sought to enhance in-store customer experience by introducing an Android app as a product selector. This innovative approach aimed to provide customers with a personalized shopping experience, guiding them to the most suitable products based on their individual needs.

They turned to Initials, a successful customer experience agency, to take this idea and turn it into a fully functional solution ready to place inside retail stores.

Initials approached WebDepend to comprehensively test the product selector solution and Android app.

The Challenge

The Android app was designed to visually introduce Philips' range of beauty and male grooming products. It was to be positioned in kiosks inside retail premises, enabling customers to answer a series of questions, with the app recommending three different products based on the answers to those questions. The app was to be used on specialist commercial Android tablets, in two different device sizes - 10 inch and 22 inch screen sizes.

The logic and content of the Android app were all driven from a CMS application. This meant that our testing needed to encompass comprehensive testing across the CMS, question & answer logic including product recommendations, and visual aspects and functionality of the Android app across the two different device sizes. The Android app also had multi-language capabilities, necessitating some localisation testing.

Our Approach

Our team of testers embarked on an extensive testing process, ensuring the app's functionality across different device sizes and its multi-language capabilities. We conducted comprehensive testing across the CMS, scrutinizing the question and answer logic, product recommendations, and visual aspects of the app.

The Outcome

The project was an extremely challenging and interesting one to test, but our team's expertise and dedication ensured a successful launch. The Android app is now operational in a range of retailers across Europe, enhancing the shopping experience for customers and boosting brand awareness for Philips.


This case study demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality testing services, ensuring that our clients' apps function seamlessly and deliver the desired user experience. We are proud to have contributed to the success of this innovative product selector app, and we look forward to supporting more businesses in achieving their digital transformation goals.

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"The focus and attention to detail that WebDepend brought to every project they tested for us at Initials was excellent. Because each project over the past 3 years whilst I was at Initials had been tested to such a high level, I had complete confidence when handing over to clients. WebDepend were invaluable to our delivery process."

Dipesh Bhimjiyani

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