Integrate Mobile Connect Case Study

Integrate Mobile Connect

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Integrate is a marketing technology company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Integrate enables B2B marketers to connect data & campaigns across demand channels, ensure integrity and measure impact.

Integrate Mobile Connect Case Study

Project Details


In the run-up to launch, US-based software company Integrate approached WebDepend for the complete testing of a new add-on lead capture tool for their cloud-based platform. In testing the add-on and the platform from top to bottom, the project needed deep collaboration between multiple global teams for the new feature to become a central component of Integrate’s future digital strategy.


Since the company was founded in 2010, Integrate has become a global organisation and a major player in the cloud-based B2B SaaS sector. Within five years, it tripled its corporate revenue, and by 2020, it had achieved $1T of generated customer pipeline.

Its new Mobile Connect product is designed to collect contact information and prospect data of all types at marketing, trade, or business events for automatic integration with existing marketing systems.

Developed by Integrate's in-house product and engineering teams, WebDepend, a trusted partner since Integrate's acquisition of Akkroo in 2019, was tasked with providing comprehensive, end-to-end testing of the new platform and mobile app before launch and played a pivotal role in its success.


Our testing process needed to cover every aspect of the new Mobile Connect feature, from its initial beginnings to the product launch for initial stakeholders and customers. But, our key challenge hinged on effective global collaboration and integration with others within the company.

These were individuals and teams located worldwide, including product managers, engineers, designers, DevOps, IT and security, engineering management, and Integrate's own QA team across timezones stretching from the USA’s Pacific Coast to the UK, Europe, and India.

Alongside our ongoing QA responsibilities for Integrate, work on the Mobile Connect project started in 2020. But with the project ramping up in early 2023, the timing was crucial to launching the Early Adopter Program in June before the full project launch in October.


Testing spanned the early stages of platform construction, the API, the newly introduced design system and components, the front-end web application, and the mobile app supporting iOS and Android. In addition, specialised testing was carried out to ensure seamless integration with the Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP).

We also took charge of the platform's release process for the phased rollout. With the initial release directed towards internal stakeholders, followed by those on the Early Adopter Program, their usage and valuable feedback allowed us to retest before the full launch, ensuring a smooth transition into mainstream operational use.


The cumulative efforts of WebDepend and Integrate’s global teams allowed for continuous progress and minimal delays, leading to the success of Mobile Connect’s official launch in October 2023. The Mobile Connect lead capture tool is now a central pillar of Integrate’s strategy going into 2024.

Working with Integrate's QA team gave us a unified approach to quality assurance throughout the project. But, our commitment to excellence and ability to work with the complexities of cross-team, cross-platform tech development enforces our experience and expertise in delivering scalable and collaborative global testing projects.

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