Jane Clayton & Co.

Jane Clayton & Co.

About Jane Clayton & Co.

Based near Bristol, Jane Clayton & Co. are a leader in designing and installing show home, hotel and private client interiors.

Jane Clayton & Co.

Project Details

WebDepend were asked by Bertie Clayton, Ecommerce Manager at Jane Clayton & Co., to provide testing support to their existing in house team, as they were about to launch their new online shop showcasing over 4,000 wallpapers, 7,000 fabrics and a complex made to measure section.

This key project and sizeable investment had already undergone several rounds of detailed testing. However, armed with a copy of the specification we were able to provide Jane Clayton & Co. with the following:

  • Methodical and detailed testing of shop category and product detail pages.
  • Testing of Made to Measure section plus evaluation of other shop sections and design service site.
  • Thorough evaluation of checkout process.
  • Performance testing and comparison with competitor websites.
  • Browser compatibility testing across major desktop browsers and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Technical evaluation of shop platform through a certified third party developer.

The above items were backed up by bug reports of issues found plus screenshots where appropriate. Detailed reports were also provided for the performance testing and technical evaluation aspects.

Testing Services

Testing Services
  • Per Project Testing

Testing Types

Testing Types
  • Functionality Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Usability Testing

What We Tested

What We Tested
  • Website Testing
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Responsive Sites

"We approached WebDepend to support our own in house testing work, as well as to provide an independent evaluation of our website. They identified a number of important issues which we would not have otherwise discovered, and came up with some helpful suggestions to improve performance and usability."

Bertie Clayton

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