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PureBlue are a London-based ecommerce development agency specialising in Magento.


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As a Magento silver partner, PureBlue are well placed to design, build and support successful ecommerce initiatives.

Of course, testing is a big part of any successful website. PureBlue approached us to thoroughly test each website build before launch and the results of our testing have allowed PureBlue to deliver great websites for their clients.

By having WebDepend carry out this testing, it has also freed up project managers and other staff at PureBlue to focus on getting aspects of the website absolutely nailed, such as product details, imagery, pricing, shipping options and payment options. Every ecommerce website needs these items but if the project manager is also testing then important details can be overlooked.

Another benefit, not fully realised initially, has been a much lower number of support tasks post launch. The detailed testing that we provide has meant that clients have been submitting far fewer support requests, allowing PureBlue staff members to build stronger client relationships and move onto the next piece of work more quickly.

"We regularly work with WebDepend on our testing who are an integral part of the service we provide to our clients. They are efficient and responsive and provide a great level of detail which allows us to deliver a bug free platforms to our clients."

Ilona Gurcinaite

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