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About Stafford Railway Building Society

Formed in 1877, Stafford Railway Building Society is a UK building society, which has its headquarters in Stafford, Staffordshire. An independent and locally managed building society, SRBS are about being fair, honest, open and treating everyone alike.

Stafford Railway Building Society

Project Details

Testing Carried Out

A full comprehensive audit of the Stafford Railway Building Society website was completed including a detailed analysis of the mortgage application process. We tested functionality, mobile and browser compatibility with an additional focus on the user experience of the website and how straightforward it was to complete a mortgage application.

The aim of the audit was to pick up all the issues that were frustrating to users, in order to improve user experience and overall quality as well as to increase the number of mortgage applications.

Testing Services

Testing Services
  • Website Audit

Testing Types

Testing Types
  • Functionality Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Usability Testing

What We Tested

What We Tested
  • Website Testing

"WebDepend completed a full independent audit of our website looking mainly at usability and did an extremely thorough job. I was very pleased with the results and they made good recommendations for changes drawing on their knowledge and expertise."

Heather Hamilton

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