Full Ecommerce Audits

Good Reasons for a full ecommerce audit

There are several main reasons why a thorough audit of an ecommerce site would be hugely beneficial.

All of these examples are good reasons to conduct a full audit of your ecommerce website.

Full ecommerce audits - what we cover

Our full ecommerce audits cover over 100 individual tests to comprehensively test the entire online shop from end to end. We have experience of testing many ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and more.

We test everything from the home page through to browsing and searching for products, viewing product details, adding products to the basket or cart and the checkout flow, both for guests and logged in users.

We'll carry out test payments, register test accounts, test shipping or delivery options and test that discount codes work correctly.

Any integrations with the likes of Klarna or ClearPay are also covered, as are different payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal alongside credit and debit cards.

All of these tests will be carried out across all the major web browsers, including the latest mobile devices for iPhone, iPad and Android. We have a collection of over 60 real mobile devices with a variety of operating system versions so can tailor your audit to whichever browsers and devices are suitable.

As we test the functionality, browser and mobile compatibility we also highlight areas that might detract from the user's overall experience of using the site. Minor visual issues, typos, grammar mistakes, broken links or images, ambiguous wording on buttons, difficulty finding important information and similar problems can all accumulate to a lack of trust from a potential customer.

Our deliverables to you

All of our ecommerce audits are carried out manually by our expert team of QA professionals.

We cover over 100 individual tests but use our test cases as a guide and minimum level for what we should cover.

Our deliverables to you are:

Example Ecommerce Audits

We've completed many ecommerce audits, here are some recent examples:

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