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January 17, 2024

We're focused on aligning with your development workflow so that we can provide valuable feedback for your web project throughout the period that we work together.

One of the main aspects to this is to bolt our system to yours so that when we raise a bug it appears in your system straightaway. This means you have visibility of the issues we are finding as soon as they are raised and can start investigating the problems more quickly.

Customised Issue Connectors

Our in-house bug tracker provides customised connectors so that any issues raised go straight into your existing software.

We bind to your existing workflow to automatically add bugs to the correct project, inserted into the precise column, with the relevant status, severity and assigned to the correct user. We can also add any labels or set custom fields as part of the sync process.

All bugs raised are accompanied by supporting screenshots and screen recordings.

Once a bug is fixed and ready for retesting, assign it back to us and we’ll pick it up for retesting. Further workflows then update the issue based on whether the fix is verified or if is not fixed. Supporting comments are also added to clarify exactly what we found.

Supported Software Tools

Our Testing Manager application currently supports Jira, Asana, ClickUp, Trello, Teamwork and Forecast. Using something different? If it has an API that we can access then we can build a connector for it.

Talk to us about how your projects can benefit from timely bug reports added seamlessly to your software.

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