Today we have some exciting news, we have launched our very own web application, called Testing Manager.

Why A Web Application?

We provide reports and results for a lot of web and mobile testing projects, from website audits to weekly testing reports as part of our Regular Testing service. Each project we work on has some kind of deliverable, either a document or a series of bug reports or often both. Many projects also require the production of test plans and the writing of test cases prior to testing. For our long standing clients this amounts to a lot of documentation currently sent by email or shared across a variety of other applications such as Google Drive or project management tools.

We needed a place, accessible by clients, where we could store all this documentation and allow authorised clients to view each document without having to hunt through emails or look in Slack or on Google Drive.

What Does Testing Manager Do?

The first function of Testing Manager was to gather these documents together so that clients can login and see everything in one place.

This straightforward remit formed our MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and the initial launch in January simply allowed clients to log in and access their test reports, test plans and general documents.

We then added Projects, which allows a client to view their testing projects, the documentation for each project and also view bugs associated with the project.

What Else Is Planned?

We have a long list of ideas, as we aim to integrate Testing Manager into our workflow and give clients the ability to not only view and manage their testing projects with WebDepend but also gain an understanding of the quality of each project and monitor testing results.

The next release will focus on extending the Projects functionality and display more details regarding our Regular Testing and Retained Testing services.


This is just the beginning, if you are interested in how WebDepend and Testing Manager could help your business then please let us know.

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