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January 17, 2024
Pagination issues on Very website

When browsing between products in a large online department store, such as Very, there are often a number of ways of going about this.

Common methods are using the site search facility or using the mega menus to find the main category that you are interested in.

On the Very website, if you select 'Electricals' and then choose the 'Tablet PCs' category, you can then browse all 234 products in this category.

As there are a lot of products, which are displayed 12 to a page by default, you might want to sort by price and view all the cheapest tablets and accessories.

If you select 'Price low to high' from the Sort by drop down then when you click 'Next page' to view the next batch of 12 products the site reverts to showing you the products sorted by Best Sellers instead of by price.

Selecting 'Price low to high' again takes you back to the first page and where you first started.

These pagination issues are frustrating and it is a bug caused by the sort setting not persisting through the pagination, which doesn't help those who like to browse through products in a particular order.

Hopefully, Very will be able to put a fix in place for this issue in due course.

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