Project Budgets New Feature In Version 1.8.9

New Feature - Project Budget Fields Added To Project View

In the latest release we've added a series of project budget fields to the project view, in the Info section near the top. Now nominated billing contacts have visibility of the current status of a project, including the following:

  • Project Budget - the number of hours budgeted for this project. This is usually agreed upon before we start testing the project and may increase if there are project extensions.
  • Hours Spent - this figure is automatically retrieved from our timesheet application and so the number of hours spent is up to date.
  • Hours Remaining - calculated from the Project Budget minus the Hours Spent.
  • Budget Utilisation - a percentage calculated from Hours Remaining and Project Budget. This provides an easy reference for how much of the project budget has been used.

In the background we can set a budget threshold for a project, so if a customer would like to be notified when a project reaches 80% utilisation then we can set that threshold to send a notification. Currently this notification is internal and someone from WebDepend will be prompted to discuss the budget with the customer.

The visibility of these budget fields is only for users set as a billing contact for their organisation. For other users the budget fields are hidden.

Early Release of Mentions

We're trialling the use of mentions in bug description fields. It is now possible to mention another user and this will trigger an email to let them know that they were mentioned with a link to the issue. Currently, this is only available to testers and admin users but will be expanded to other users and also expanded to Comments as well as bug descriptions.

More Styling Improvements

We're continuing to make improvements to the styling of popups around the application and the Retained Services page styling has also been updated.

Experimental Feature - Test Sessions

Some further updates in this release to an experimental feature we're working on called Test Sessions. We've added some admin pages to make editing and viewing test sessions easier and automatically setting the name of the test session to be 'Testing <project> on <date>' when it is created.

This feature continues to only be available to admin users at present whilst we continue to work on it.

Coming In The Next Version

We're working on our audit tool called Sites and adding the ability to carry out accessibility checks. In the next version, customers who have access to the Sites Beta will be able to add a website, crawl pages and then carry out an accessibility test of each page.

Look out for the next version coming soon!

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