Testing Manager version 1.4 has now been released and includes the following updates.

Expanding on Projects

We're continuing to add features around Projects, which were introduced in version 1.3, by adding the following:

  • Added a new Request Project form - as it suggests, allows a client to request a new project. Will become the starting point for adding a project into our testing workflow.
  • Introduced tabs to Projects Dashboard to improve navigation - currently there are tabs for Documents, Bugs and Automated Tests.
  • If no bugs then Bugs tab element is not clickable - better than clicking on the Bugs tab and seeing no bugs because there aren't any.
  • Count of bugs total added to Bugs tab element - helpfully indicating how many bugs there are for a project.
  • Introduced Automated Tests tab, which contains details of all automated tests in place for a project - look out for automated testing coming soon.
  • Similarly, if no tests then Automated Tests tab is not clickable
  • Also similarly, count of automated tests total added to Automated Tests tab element
  • Added ability to send test plan or request test plan - allows a client to send us a test plan they have put together or ask us to produce one.

The release also included some minor updates to the home page.

About Testing Manager

Testing Manager is a free application for clients of WebDepend that allows access to documents, projects and bugs associated with the testing we carry out for them.

If you are interested in using Testing Manager, would like to become a client or would just like to know how we can help your business, then please contact us.

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