Version 1.8.8 - Opening up access to Project View for Customers - now we're all on the same page.

The Project View

In Testing Manager we have something we call the Project View, this is a page that gathers together all the different things that we hold in Testing Manager for a specific project.

We have sections and stats for Bugs and Tasks, including mini-sections for Bugs Assigned To Me and Tasks Assigned To Me. There is a Project Resources section, which is for links to any external resources for that project such as Figma or Invision designs, Notion links, spreadsheets in Google Sheets, customers Asana boards, etc.

There is also an Environments section where we list out the different environment URLs for that project, such as the Dev or Test or Staging environments and the Production or Live environment.

There are more sections coming soon, as we get closer to adding Test Management features. And there are even more sections that are internal to help us manage the work and scheduling for the project.

Anyway, previously customers didn't have access to the Project View, they would see a separate project dashboard that had some similar parts but wasn't the same. Now, we've ditched the Project Dashboard and opened up access to the Project View. Now we're all on the same page.

This should give our customers a much easier, at-a-glance view of the project and, in the next version, will also include the amount of time we've spent on testing. So look out for v1.8.9 coming soon.

Dashboard Refresh & New Bar Charts

The dashboard that customers see when they first login to Testing Manager has had a bit of a refresh. We've also introduced 2 new bar charts for customers to see bugs raised by project and bugs raised by month.

Navbar UI Updates

Also in this release we have tidied up a few other areas, including the navbar, page margins and padding across the app. This is to tighten those parts up a bit and make the padding and margins more consistent throughout.

Experimental Feature for Test Sessions

In the background, this release added the first step for an experimental feature and more is to come in the next version.

We're introducing Test Sessions, as part of the push towards adding Test Management features. The experimental part is that, for testers, a new test session will be automatically created when they visit a project view page. The test session will be tied to that project and will be private to the tester. It will become a place to store notes and queries as the tester conducts testing for that project.

So far, in this release, we have only introduced automatically creating the test session when visiting the Project View page for a project. And this is only available to a couple of our internal users to start with whilst we continue to work on it.

Coming in v1.8.9

Look out for:

  • Redesigned Retained Services page for retained customers
  • Updated popups
  • Hours Spent in Project View with data coming from our timesheet software

Happy Testing!

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