Continuing with our monthly web browser update, we look at the browsers with the largest market share in January 2013 for the UK and Worldwide.

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There have been some difference since last month, which may mean changing which web browsers you should support from now on.

First of all, IE10 is over the 1% mark in the UK and nearly there worldwide so if you are not already supporting IE10 then it may be needed now.

Secondly, iPad continues to gain ground but quicker in the UK, over 7% as opposed to nearly 3.5% Worldwide. If you are not already considering iPad as one of the main UK web browsers then I think it is time that you should. For some sites, the traffic from iPads is much more than 7% so it will depend on your target demographic.

Finally, even more of the market is shifting towards Chrome with practically a third of all users using that browser.

United Kingdom - Top Web Browsers (with over 1% of market share) of January 2013

UK Web Browsers - January 2013
  • IE9 - 20.71%
  • Chrome 24 - 17.84%
  • Chrome 23 - 12.95%
  • IE8 - 9.41%
  • Firefox 18 - 8.07%
  • Safari iPad - 7.36%
  • Firefox 17 - 5.42%
  • Safari 6 - 3.79%
  • Safari 5.1 - 2.92%
  • IE10 - 1.36%
  • Safari 5 - 0.99%

In the UK, IE9 has regained the top spot with a little over 20% but only because the Chrome market share is currently divided between the outgoing Chrome 23 and those that have already upgraded to Chrome 24. Combining the Chrome versions gives that browser over 30% of the UK browser market.

Firefox is similarly split, between versions 17 and 18 and has a combined browser share of 13.49%.

Next is IE8, actually gaining slightly before the iPad, sandwiched between the Firefox browsers, gains again to now have over 7% market share in the UK. Check your web statistics, as I've seen iPads account for 25% or more of all visits for some websites.

Safari 6 has also gained ground to almost 4%, at the expense of Safari 5.1 and IE10 enters the top browsers for the first time with 1.36%. Safari 5 has now just dropped below the 1% mark at 0.99%.

Worldwide - Top Web Browsers (with over 1% of market share) of January 2013

Worldwide Web Browsers - January 2013
  • Chrome 24 - 19.15%
  • IE9 - 17.54%
  • Chrome 23 - 14.43%
  • IE8 - 11.12%
  • Firefox 18 - 9.5%
  • Firefox 17 - 6.4%
  • Safari iPad - 3.41%
  • Safari 6 - 2.17%
  • Safari 5.1 - 1.87%
  • Firefox 16 - 0.98%
  • Internet Explorer 10 - 0.98%

Worldwide, Chrome continues to gain market share with versions 23 and 24 making up 33.58% of the browser market.

IE9 continues to hang in there at about the same level as last month whilst IE8 slips slightly to just over 11%.

Firefox 18 is now the main FF browser with 9.5% and combined with Firefox 17 and 16 adds up to just over 16%.

Safari iPad is much lower than the UK with 3.41% of the market as opposed to over 7% in the UK. It just shows how you may need to prioritise differently in terms of web build and testing depending on where your target market is located.

Safari 6 increases and IE10 is almost at the 1% mark so has been included this month.

All the above statistics are from StatCounter Global Stats.

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