Key Benefits

  • We save you time by carrying out some or all of the testing for you.
  • We offer peace of mind by checking things over before launch or handover.
  • We provide help and advice on usability, SEO and other aspects.


As freelancers you put your heart and soul into every web site you design or develop and each project that you work on. Late nights, weekends and early mornings are often spent to finish the project in order to hit a client deadline and, for the most part, this is completed locked away from the outside world.

Even though quality control of what you produce is absolutely vital in order to safeguard your reputation and hopefully earn referrals for further work, the odd issue can still creep through or you are busy with other projects too and do not have the time that you would like to carry out full testing.

Having WebDepend carry out some or all of the website testing for you allows you to press on with other tasks, such as work on another project or speak to your clients to bring some more business in. Time is money so by saving you time we are also saving you money or allowing you to increase your earning potential by completing a greater number of projects.


This is where WebDepend can help, by including us in your quality control process, either to carry out the bulk of testing or as a final peace of mind check, we can provide a number of benefits at a low cost, including the following:

  • We save you time and effort by focusing on testing where you may not have time to carry out a full set of tests. Testing can be time consuming and usually requires total concentration. If you have a busy schedule or find yourself getting distracted then testing even for a couple of hours may be difficult when there are clients to speak to, designs to produce, development to complete, updates to send, etc. whereas Testing is the kind of work that we love to do.
  • We are external to the project or client and may be able to pick up on certain problems that otherwise may not be spotted. I've definitely worked as a Project Manager before on projects where I have suffered from 'can't see the wood for the trees' moments. We will naturally approach the testing differently, focused and with our minds clear, will test different things and in a different way, which often finds additional bugs.
  • We provide a testing plan and checklist of what has been tested for you to confirm with client what specifically has been tested, which browsers, at which resolutions, etc. All bugs found are entered into a bug tracking system, document or spreadsheet to be squashed with an explanation of the bug, URL on which it occurs, OS and browser version and with an accompanying screenshot. We can also prioritise bugs into showstoppers, important or not critical as required.
  • As we test we often come up with suggestions for future enhancements or improvements, which you can use to sell into your client at later date.
  • We can be used as part of your quality control process by carrying out a series of checks or tests as you gear up for launching a website or handing it over to your client. A bit like a spell check after you have written a document, we go through the web site and check that all the elements are in place. For a list of typical items that we check for please have a look here.
  • We can carry out pre- and post-launch testing, revisit the website after a period of weeks or months and carry out the same checks, which you can provide to your client as an additional site quality service.

The benefits listed above are not necessarily costly. We understand that budgets on web projects are often tight and our main aims are to save you time and hassle, freeing you up to earn a greater income. Have a look at our typical costs below.


So what exactly do we test? Exact details do vary from project to project but here are items that would be tested for most projects. The specifics of what we test can be tailored by you, just let us know and we will quote just for those items. Similarly, if there are items not on the list then let us know and we will tell you if we can add them in and what the costs will be.

We can also provide a pre-launch checklist of items that we recommend checking through before making a website live plus a few items to check once a website has been launched. Please contact us for further details.

How Much?

Website testing can start from as little as £40.00, which gets you 1 hour of testing. It is surprising what can be covered in a single hour. For full websites and projects we can give you a fixed price quote, which will depend on how big the website is and how much there is to test. This quote will always be based on our hourly rate of £40.00 per hour.

For regular clients discounts are available so please contact us to discuss further.


Right now if you want to, contact us and send details of a project that needs some testing, we will follow up with you to make sure that everything is understood and will then get right on it. Did we tell you that we specialise in fast turnaround projects? So if you are about to launch a website and its needs checking over urgently before it goes live then let us know, we would be pleased to help.

If you want to see whether we are up to the job then feel free to look at our industry experience.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to pass this information onto a freelance friend, tweet or repost.

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