Add a Tester to your development team

Development teams often try to get by without a dedicated tester until they feel they have 'sufficient need' for one.

This means developers tend to do all their own testing, sometimes supported by a product or project manager.

The product/project manager can easily get sucked in to becoming 'the tester' and giving over a portion of their week to spend testing. 😟

This approach starts to stretch the team - there isn't enough time to fully test the features and bugs find their way to production.

Management start to blame 'the process' and/or the developers for not finding the bugs. Team members get frustrated that they aren't spending enough time on their core activities. 😞

What's the alternative?

Bring in testers earlier, before your team starts to become stretched. A dedicated senior tester can be added on a part-time basis and can scale as your requirements increase. 💪

Having dedicated testers in your process earlier means that testing doesn't become a burden for developers or product managers. 😌

The team begins to understand what a dedicated tester can provide, what is involved in testing and collaboration between development, product/project and testing can begin at an earlier point. 🤝

Don't wait until you feel you have enough budget or testing requirements to hire a full-time tester. Talk to us about how a senior tester doing 1 or 2 days a week can help your team. Flexibility built-in - only pay for what you need and then scale up (or down) as you need to.

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